Uffie Remix I'M Working On Atm


any feedback would be appreciated :)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many highs, you either have lost your hearing, or you really need to get new monitor speakers. :)

thanks… I was thinkin’that same thing…

I recently replaced my headphone amp. The one I used previously added lots of coloration to the sound, but I was used to it so I compensated for it. Now my mixes are well out of balance frequencywise, cause I am still not used to the uncoloured sound.

That monitoring/minxing business is complicated stuff. :(

i don’t know if it’s the best idea to play the "bass"line 1:1 with the melody of the vocals… get’s tedious real quick.
besides that, there’s way WAY too much treble (sorry for just repeating suva here, but it’s just so much highs that i can only listen @20% of my usual volume without straining every facial muscle there is), and too little bass. the song also feels quite empty at places where no vocals are involved.
the main synth you’re using sounds too generic and plain to play the main role during the solo parts imo.
maybe also try to reduce the amount of (reverse) cymbals crashes that appear way too periodically throughout the entire track.

apart from all that, it’s pretty okay i think.

thanks man. I appreciate the comments :slight_smile: Can do something with this words…