UHE Hive 1.0 now available

Loved to use the synth in OSC… It’s just awesome. Really thinking about buying… Will test it now. Until 12 PM for 100 Euro…

Snatched it up, last minute (actually a bit late, but u-he is awesome that way). They never do post-release sales, bring some of their products to Linux, no BS ever, and they allow license transfers. Really among the fairest companies in the audio software market.

That lock feature looks, super useful… Must resist urge to throw money at U-he

Or do, if anyone deserves money in the VST department, it’s them :slight_smile:

Lol I definitely will buy it, U-he’s policies are friggin fantastic! And I need something that’s the sylenth counterpart to my linux partition, but I have priorities right now that the money needs to be directed towards.