Ultimate Daw

Hi, just downloaded the 2.5demo and must say im highly impressed. It looks so damn cool my jaw is on the floor.
It works perfect, all functions are superbly implemented. Buying this thing now!

I started using protracker back in the days and later FT2 for many years, and, after some trouble wrapping my brain
around the horizontal thing, ended up mainly with logic 5. But i always missed the ability to get into the details.

For me the ultimate music software would be renoise, with an extra arrange-window like logic to get more overview and
arrange/automate the tracks. Thats it.

Thank god for people like these devs. Keep it up!

i’ve been in this forum for less than a month and i’ve seen a lot of new fans of Renoise, was always like this? everyday 2 or 3 guys say how amazed they are :)

anyone else curious in how many registered users are?

WEll sine 2.0, 2.1 renoise had some great updates/features…which atract more people

In my case I found out about Renoise from Create Digital Music, that gave 2.5 a nice coverage, but what convinced me to try it and then buy it, was word of mouth on other forums.

i still feel stupid for being such an eremite asshole for so long, if i’ve been in forums before i would have found the holy grail before

better late than never

Observe that you can always use Renoise together with established arrangers/sequencers, either via ReWire or by exporting tracks from Renoise (or both). I render alot of stuff from Renoise and then drag-and-drop it into Studio One (which is a really great DAW for my workflow).

i plan to do it with Pro Tools

Renoise is where i feel confortable programming and creating from scratch, and Pro Tools playing keyboards, recording accordeon and mixing over what had been done with Renoise

sounds like heaven

Here are some more tips for you:

  • Get a MIDI-accordion, if you haven’t got one already. It’s really cool to trigger patterns with the bass and play lead melodies on the discant.

  • Check out the software from Cognitone, e.g. Harmony Navigator. This is a really useful piece of software if you compose music with lots of harmonies/chords. Hook it up with Renoise via a virtual MIDI-cable (I use LoopBE1).

  • You can have a piano-roll arranger in Renoise via the plugin EnergyXT. I use the lower version (1.4) and can do lots of cool things with that piece of software (such as layering many VST instruments, splicing up the keyboard into zones and play many VST instruments at the same time, etc).

well i have always rendered and imported patterns into logic, but it would be nice to skip that step. AIO.
Especially since they stopped making drivers for my crap st-audioDAC2000 soundcard.

thanks for the tips 2 and 3, i will really look to that

regarding tip 1… hmm i just can’t afford that, any midi accordeon for less than 500€? i don’t think so, i think i never saw none below 4000