Unable to assign shortcuts to Shift + Alt + Numpad [0-9, .] when Num L

It seems that the numpad numbers and ‘.’ are not assignable with both Shift and Alt as modifiers while Num Lock is on.

Open up the Keys page of the preferences.
Make sure Num Lock is on.
Place your cursor in the new assignment box and hit Shift + Alt + Numpad [0-9, .].
It will register only as Alt + Numpad [0-9, .].
If you turn Num Lock off and then press Shift + Alt + Numpad [0-9, .], it will register correctly.
The same is also true for Shift + Control + Numpad [0-9, .].

Shift should register the same when recording combinations, independent of Num Lock, should it not?

PS: I also noticed that hitting the Clear button with no function selected in the browser will not clear the new assignment box until you change your selection in the browser.

Over here I have the same problem, but got over it because they also wouldn’t trigger on my laptop once I set them up. Guess it’s a windows/laptop bug. link to old topic

I’m not on a laptop though. :blink:

Has it been confirmed that this isn’t a global problem?

Maybe it’s particular keyboards, but that still seems strange. It’s definitely not an n-key rollover thing since it does register when Num Lock is off.

In particular Shift icw NumPad keys seems to be buggy. Shift+Ctrl, Shift+Alt even moreso. Might be a Windows/KBDriver thing?