Unable To Drag Blocks Past Certain Distance?

I select the following three blocks in the pattern matrix:

I can successfully drag them to here:

But they turn blank if I drag them to here:

No idea what’s going on. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

UPDATE: Other strange behaviour:

  1. I can drag the three affected blocks downwards by 17 rows, but after 18 they turn blank.
  2. If I drag the affected blocks down to an intermediate position, and then from that position to the final destination, they still turn blank at the end.
  3. I can drag the three blocks BELOW the original three blocks all the way to the destination without problems.

They are highlighted in this screenshot. I don’t understand what you mean with “turn blank”?

I mean there is no content – the blocks are empty in both the pattern matrix and the pattern editor.

Check the size of the patterns (pattern length) then. You will only get previews for notes in the matrix which are in the visible pattern length.
And Renoise will only adjust, modify, clone the pattern legnth if you’re inserting new patterns.

D’OH! That was the problem. The original blocks were 288 lines and the final destination was 192 lines, and the original blocks only contained an upbeat so there was no content at the beginning of them.

Another reason why we need matrix block height to vary with pattern length. ;)