Unable To Import Samples Saved With Dsp Quattro (osx)

i was chopping up some audio with my wave editor (dsp quattro), and when i went to import the saved files into renoise it wasnt working. i was getting a load of noise. i tried saving the files as wavs, and aifs, but the same problem occured.
so now to make them work in renoise i have had to add .wav or .aif to the end of the file name, and now they all work. just thought i share this, as ive been trying to get this break to work all evening , and now i just sussed it, yay!
its always a simple solution when u know…

Without a proper file extension such as .wav or .aif Renoise probably has no other choice but to treat the files as raw audio, which would explain the noise you described.

In the future simply make sure you give your files their proper extension. If you need an application to quickly rename lots of files (hundreds, thousands, whatever), I recommend Renamer for Windows. I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for a similar Mac tool.

As a side note to the devs: perhaps Renoise could optionally make educated guesses when handling unknown filetypes - by taking a quick look at the file’s header, for example?

In valid .wav files you should find “RIFF” and “WAVEfmt” in the first few bytes of the file. In .aif files you should find something like “FORM” and “AIFF” in the header. Detailed information can of course be found in the specs for each format, as you already know.

Scanning for this info would not guarantee anything of course, the file could still be corrupt, have an invalid header, or who knows what… but maybe it could correctly identify the file 95% of the time which would be a great help I’m sure.

for the mac headz, i have been using dsp quattro (the batch processor), and/or audiofinder to quickly add the extensions to my files. i dont know of a free program that does this, but both are available on demo. and yes , i make sure ALL my audio has got the right extensions now.
happy converting…