Unable To Render Audio From Virus Ti

Hi all,

The issue im having is one that I have also had before using neundo. It goes as follows… when I render song to disc any audio that has been created by the virus ti using the virus ti vst plugin isnt properly rendered. It sounds as if the individual track of the virus is horibly phased (other tracks not affected). When I had this problem in nuendo I would have to rout the output of the virus to its input and then record it to an audio track and mute the virus after recording to avoid the issue. So I guese my initial question is, how do I route the audio out of renoise into another audio application so I can track the virus individualy? And secondly if there are any virus ti users that use renoise and do not have this problem, please tell me your methods. Oh, and the virus is also my primary audio card and midi controller if that makes a difference

Thanks fam! :yeah:


I have Virus TI too alongside Renoise as my main instrument.

Hmm… you might want to try using this -> Voxengo Recorder on your master out of renoise. Or if you want to export single instruments from your TI, just insert this plug to that channel in Renoise. In that case you’ll have to do some audio editing i’m afraid - but that way you can record the tracks…

I’m using the TI standalone (without the viruscontrol) because it has a strange delay on renoise and my system and I run the tracks to the virus via midi because it’s offset can be changed so that the sounds from TI play in sync with the other tracks…