Unbelieveable Stupid Pattern Sequencer Question

i´m new to renoise. i already made some patterns and now i want them to play in order, for example patern 1, the n 2, then 3 but i just dont understand how i can arrange the patterns. i can only switch through the patterns with the left / right arrow above the pattern arranger window. i read the manual of the arranger function, but this just led to confusion.

thank you for your help!

cheese nucleus

I think I asked the same question about a month ago. :D

Make sure the Pattern Loop button isn’t on, “circle-arrow” in the upper left corner close to Play.

Now click the numbered block for the pattern you want to move once to select it, then click and hold to drag it to the position you want. If you want the patterns to be renumbered back to 1,2,3 right click in the pattern area and choose “Sort pattern sequence.” This only changes the number of the pattern and doesn’t move anything.

Hope that’s what you were asking.

thanks a lot!
this really helped me!

cheese nucleus