Undo After Clone Pattern Selection Not Reverting

Highlight multiple Patterns in the Sequencer.

Right Click, Clone.

This create new Patterns and highlights them along with the old ones. OK, fair enough.


Now you will have the original selection plus the same number of below patterns highlighted.

After Undo I would expect only the patterns you had highlighted before the Clone operation to be highlighted.

This behaviour has existed for a long time, and although slightly annoying not so bad as to be a show-stopper thus not mentioned before.

Also, little request:

Can we have the option to have a Clone Pattern Selection in the Pattern Sequencer part of the Pattern Editor Keyboard Shortcuts. When playing through, making changes, expanding the Song I may want to make a section longer and vary it. Quickly highlight the relevant patterns, hit Ctrl+K, then play through to see what little bits need adding/changing. Currently this will only Clone the pattern which is the current Play/Edit position and there is no option to change this in the Shortcuts Preferences, meaning I have to remember to focus the Sequencer to Clone Selection, then focus back on the Editor to make any changes.