Undo On Vst/vsti [random]-function?

In a project I pressed the random-function on a vst-effect by accident. As I hit ctrl-z it didn’t undo my random-action but rather something else, so I had to save the track to a new version, load the older copy, save the effect-preset as a fxp, open the newly saved track and load the effect-preset again, to “undo” my mistake.

Could we maybe add undo to the random-button? It’s part of renoise (as opposed to part of the plugin itself) and imho should be undoable. It’s just a workflow thing and would help speeding up things when ppl (read: me ;) ) press the wrong buttons. :)

I did the exact same thing last night.



And it would be great if any change in VST/VSTi parameters can be undone, not just the random function.

Yeah that would be amazing.

Yeah, it would. Not sure if it’s possible - if all vst/vsti’s tell their host whenever a parameter is changed, but if they do it should be possible. Would be rather cool indeed. :)