Unexpected behavior while rendering song

Hi I’m so new to renoise that I don’t know if this is supposed to work the way I expect or not.

Renoise 3.0, Linux (AV-linux 6.03) - licensed version

I have created a simple song with some self made samples and for the last measure I wanted to stop the sequence.
I inserted a tempo control in one of the tracks the code inserted is ZT00
Inside the editor it stops exactly at the point that I want and sounds perfect (at least I’m hearing what I want)

Then I render the song in realtime and in background mode and the song continues to play after the ZT00.

My expectation was that the rendered file would sound the same as the output while in the editor.

So now I need a work around.
Is this a bug? I’m too new at this to tell.


Thanks for the reply, so then this is not a bug and the software works as intended. Any advice or best practice to achieve what I need because at this point it seems the easiest solution is to render and then edit in another piece of software which seems a bit strange and ‘hacky’. Also it’s odd to me that the most significant difference between the free and registered version is the render functionality and it could obviously use some improvement.

If you want to sell your product, wouldn’t you want the render function to be a ‘must have’ feature rather than a clunky work around?

Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome software and I’m over the moon with what I can do with it but it seems odd to ‘deprecate’ a feature unless it is superseded by something better. I spent a little time with FL studio and it’s render function seemed to be far superior, you could specify how you wanted trailing audio (like repeats in an echo/delay) handled, but I don’t recall there being a feature similar to the TZ00 command.

Anyway, just rambling, not trying to cause a fuss.


I think it’s relatively common for people to make further adjustments to their rendered .wav file after the fact — perhaps to normalize or trim something more precisely, for example. Renoise’s own sample editor is quite capable of handling such edits, so there’s no need to do so in another application, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, if you want to render directly out of Renoise and have the final .wav be exactly the intended duration, then it’s also relatively straightforward to achieve such a thing. On the last pattern where you’ve placed the TZ00 command, simply shorten the length of that pattern to remove the empty lines after that point. Your render will then end precisely at that point, just as the live playback did when it hits the ZT00 command.

We could of course try to respect the TZ00 command during rendering as well. I can’t remember if there’s a technical reason for not doing so, or if it’s simply an oversight.

Thanks for the response and a solution. I’ve done a fair bit of coding myself and sometimes features fall into that ‘would be nice to have’ category rather than ‘it really needs to be able to do this’.

It’s all good, great software, very inspiring (and addictive).