Unfinished Ninja Massacre Song

I haven’t gotten around to buying proper studio monitors yet - so I have a hard time hearing when the mix is good. I’d appreciate some feedback - not just on the mixing.

It’s straight out of Renoise, no eq, no compressors - and I will eventually add some vocals.


Edit: My server space is full, so only the latest version is uploaded:

I’ve added some distortion to the bass.


I think I will buy some studio monitors really soon - think I could afford it. :lol:

Hi Dby :)

I can intercept your ideas.
There is a nice industrial feel in the way this beat begins but right at 00:23 a truly bad-outdated snare comes in… and one finds out that it’s not an intro but it’s rather the main beat you’ll stick to for the rest of the song (except some variations, that’s it).

The disto-guitar-like synth it’s not a bad idea at all but it sounds sooo lonely! Try at least with some light delay on it… and some automated filter (HPass I’d say) and/or some phaser/flange could definitely help giving a little more colour to it.

The super-deep-bass you placed sounds just fine to me and feels like actually being the only instrument I wouldn’t touch at all.

The drums behave in a weird way too.
I guess you can’t use such a deep-clicker b-drum to give a proper beat to this… I would rather alternate that to a more punchy b-drum… and use the deep b-drum just here and there, regularly, to remark things like the beginning of each pattern or so…

The way you used hats is suspect too… xpecially during bridges like 01:38 to 01:56…
Take the very beginning… you used an hat on every “second half”… pretty much like you would do with a snare… and used snare on every beat… pretty much like you would expect from a bassdrum… and finally, of course, you used bassdrum repeating it and repeating it as if it was… a hi-hat :lol:

My impression is that you still have to work on this one as it just doesn’t really feels like being “minimalistik”… it just feels “empty” or at least “unfinished”.

One thing:
Writing music is not difficoult. What is difficoult is to have all the useless notes to slide apart:)

Cheers for the comments Parsec!

Even tho I might not agree on everything, it forces me to think things through. Thanks. I’m glad the bass sounds ok - I think I have most problem of hearing bass frequencies properly. Perhaps that’s why I can’t hear the problem with the b-drums. I think I’ll go get me some studio speakers next week. I tried to make some more variations on the b-drum but couldn’t make any that fit the rest good enough - I might give it another go.

I kinda like the empty or lonley sound, but some flange on the synth might do some good indeed.

About the awkward drums - I tend to get bored with normal by the book drums. So I usually to do things like putting the snare on 2 insted of 3. Makes the beat more stuttering, or strutty. I can’t hear the bad-outdated part of it tho? - but I think I might be able to work on the reverb a bit.

And the vocals will add a lot hopefully. They’ll probably add some more punk/new wave feel to the song - which might sound weird… or genious. :lol:

Ok, I listened to the song with my headphones - wich are really stong with lower freq. Now I can hear the problem with the b-drum - it’s way too boomy together with the bass. I’ll have to solve that some way. It will be tricky - to still be able to keep what I like about the combination.

I’v added some flange and a small amount of delay to the lonley synth, and played around a bit with the snare reverb - added a gate and some distortion to it as well.

I’ll post the updated version later.


It’s closer to being finished, and sounds pretty good on my system. Still unmastered - I just cranked the volume a bit. Needs some treble I guess.

I’ll have to work on the intro and the end before it’s finished. And I’ll have another look a the deep-clicker bass drum - as you can hardly hear it when the bass is playing. Maybe I can remove some notes, or maybe remove some low frequencies with eq while the bass is playing to get a cleaner bass sound?


I’m starting to feel that it’s really close to being finished now - except for the vocals which I’d better start working on now.

I didn’t remove the deep clicker bass drum - It sounds like it just add some nice (dis)harmonics to the bass, ever since I changed the b-drum a bit. But maybe that’s just my crap speakers talking? I don’t think I can afford studio speakers atm :( - maybe within a few months.

Any comments?