Unfinished Songs I Am Screwing With...

I have been messing with this one for months. Adding this and that. Taking something away. Just recorded myself yelling trepain and threw it towards the end.

May just erase the first part and concentrate on building something from the very ending beats.

Check out the lion roar. It is “pain” screamed and slowed down from the trepain sample. Sounds rather cool I think.


This is something else. Literally. Not sure what the hell I am trying to accomplish here. I was thinking of the commodore 64 and a 300 baud modem. Unfortunatlely I am using the sounds of what sounds like a v32 modem negotiating a connection or something and using bits and peices of the modem connecting as part of the beat. Slightly interesting.


The first 30 seconds intro of the first track made me think of Keith303’s music. :D

Great tracking there man.

My thoughts:
The melodic distorted guitar is the only melodic element here, so it could use a good boost because it sits way back in the mix compared to the snare and kick. The guitar is supposed to carry the track.

The percussions -> snare and hihats maybe could use some compression, all the little percussions don’t sound like ‘one steady beat’ imo,

phucked: tecstep, we’re in '96 again! :) distortion seems to concentrate in a certain area freq.wise, maybe you could adress this for a more balanced mix? The beat at the end could be brought back in earlier I think…other then that nice start.

the c64 track doesn’t seem to be on the server. rzpkt rico

phucked – nice mashup as per usual. i really like some of the rhythms going on in the middle section and towards the end.

the bassline could use to be a little louder… but i’m listening in headphones right now so not sure.

seems like the song needs something more though, don’t you think? maybe some additional instruments like a harmony synth to accompany the guitar. not sure

also i wasn’t able to download c64 messiah either

keep up the good work, my friend :)