Unfinished Tune?

Havent posted much at all on here so i decided to just put up this recent song that ive been working on for quite a while now. But yeah lets hear what your thoughts are on it? Some constructive criticism or something ha.

Yeah here it is :i’ll get a link soon

How about you post the song on a website where you do not have to sign in to download/listen to the song?

know any good websites to do this?

rapidshare.com, myspace.com, traxinspace.com, virb.com, myownmusic.de - the list is endless :)

That was a bit stupid of me, oh well here it is anyway, songs called stucken celing on there, at the bottom of the player. The rest of the songs are some old songs i did before i discovered Renoise.
Myspace page
Cheers anyway