United - Tracker Song Contest No. 2

I bet you´ve already heard about this new upcoming german community. Well, it is a similar gate as CTG-Music where you can get your music heard but only Tracking related and in german.
The main system at the moment is pretty rough but they´re already working on a better working system for songpublishing, artist profiles etc.

To get to the point:
They´re holding Competitions as well with continuesly changing rules and the second one is already running.

So if you want to take part in this compo and become a part of this new community then I believe you should take a look on their website:



I guess you are quite confused about the name of this site because of the original United Trackers. Well, it can be confusing but I think you´ll get used to it :)
Also I´m happy to report that unitedtrackers.com and .de are both working together, exchanging scene related news and everything else.