United - Tracker Songcontest #3

All german Trackers pay attention plz :)

Again the German version of the new United Tracker Community is providing you a new contest to test your skills with each other.

If you want to take part, you definatly want to take a look on their board - http://board.united-tracker.de/ (needs registering but it´s free)

guess i’ll never understand why forums like the above mentioned require registration for “read only” operations.
as if they were trying to shoo all potential new users…
but thanks for letting us know anyways, pt <_<

Couldn’t agree more… I’m fed up with registring EVERYWHERE to see content…

To be honest, that´s only one issue they have. But they will improve I´m sure :)
Maybe there´s a way to convince them somehow to unlock the forum for guest visitors.