Unlisted Pattern Editor Commands And A Couple More

As the song I’m working on is one I imported from MED Sound Studio (via Modplug Player) the pattern commands were imported too. One command I used win MED was to jump to the next pattern in the sequence, say half way through the previous pattern.
This showed in Renoise as FB00 and does exactly that - but I’ve been unable to find anything in the manual describing this - I assume there would be commands to jump to specific blocks in a song. Have I missed it in the manual?

Also, I haven’t found a way to know which particular pattern I’m working on at a given time - for example:
I have 172 patterns in the sequence and pattern 38 may appear 10 times in the sequence. So, although I’m working on pattern 150, it’s actually 160 in the sequence and when I render say pattern 149 to a Wav, if I select 149, I get 139 instead - leading to trial and error in doing such. Is there a way to know the actual pattern number in the playing sequence?

One last thing (for now :D )- when I use multiple samples in one instrument slot, can I change the NNA value for all samples in this slot without having to do it individually?

So many questions… So little time :lol:

use the ‘batch change sample properties’ tool (Renoise 2.6) for this: http://tools.renoise.com/tools/batch-change-sample-properties

i reckon this might be a point that could use a small improvement?

I made a suggestion in the Suggestions section (I thought it would be the best place to do so :P ) about detachable windows, as these are a great feature in MED:

This shows the block (or PS number) and also it’s position in the overall sequence. What’s also possible is that you can break up a song into smaller sequences which make up the overall playing sequence - in the picture, I am editing sequence 5 of 16 which keeps the overall song more managable.
In Renoise, working with the same song, I have to negotiate 172 patterns which is harder when you’re on 160 and want to copy a track from say 43.
It’s not a massive deal as scrolling through the patterns is a breeze in Renoise and that you can name the individual patterns.

I’ve adopted this method for single patterns as it’s easy enough - hold the LMB down on the right of the pattern editor from the last line and press F9… Job done. Thx.

Anyone have any ideas on the FB00 command?

FB00 jumps to the start of the next pattern.
FB20 jumps to row 20 of the next pattern.
FB40 jumps to row 40.

More info: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Pattern_Effect_Commands#Global_Commands

Regarding the sequence thing, I agree with you that it might be nice to show the actual sequence number in addition to the pattern number.

In the meantime, something that might help you with rendering specific sequences:

If you make a selection of patterns in the sequence editor before opening the render dialog, then you can choose ‘selection in sequence’ and it will be set to the patterns you have selected. This should at least help to avoid some of the confusion you have been experiencing.

Edit: I see you already found this, so I apologise for mentioning it again. I was going to post a more detailed reply earlier, but I managed to lose everything I’d typed by accidentally reloading the page, haha. (I have an add-on to prevent this in Firefox, but not in Chrome yet)

I am soooooooo blind! I have this page open permanently on my 2nd monitor when working and have read it so many times I’ve obviously gone snow blind! :huh:

Is there an easy way to print out the manual so I can read it on the move? There’s so much new stuff I find everyday!
The Sync option in the sample properties is THE single greatest thing since the invention of… Well… Sound!

Renoise is like… It’s like Christmas for a 5 year old! :w00t:

Yes. (it’s from a URL at the bottom left in the wiki)

Awesome! thx!
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