Unloading (disabeling) Vst(i)'s And Pattern Editor Improvement


I’ve recently been working on a piece that have ended up being quite a cpu hog. With mostly a few vsti’s to blame for that.I’ve had to do some tinkering to work around this problem by rendering parts as samples and putting these samples in a new track.

Something that would be really useful is an option to disable the vsti, so it dont load, i’d like to have the instrument intact, but just not load it (since i dont need any audiostream from that instrument anyway).

Also, the previous vsti’s also have quite alot of note-columns, i need to keep those ofc, if i want to re-render the part, but they take quite alot of screenspace.
It would be superawesome with an option to minimize the track in some way (I’m pretty sure this has been suggested before)

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You could always try to switch the Mute method in the preferences -> Plugs/Misc and then on the very bottom:Default Mute mode, set it to “off”.
If you then mute a channel, the track will not be played and your instrument will not be triggered.

Would certanly help a bit. but the vsti would still hog resources (a restart would probably help, since the streaming wouldn’t be triggered and no extra sample data etc would be loaded)

This is kinda why i’m very pro track freezing these days. Frozen tracks don’t need to consume more CPU than it takes to stream the wav.

Solution: Quad core (I love the Q6600 from Intel, and everyone else seems to love it at Amazon).

Sorry, I guess this post isn’t much help ;)

+1 for Track Freezing. (in combination with a checkbox named “don’t load VSTi not used in the song”, until they’re played manually of course)

have that, or actually 6700 if i remember it correctly, but it still do not help that much.

Nopes, but you can now render complete tracks and load them in another host that you can ReWire to Renoise.
atm. it compensates the lack of wave-tracks and freeze-tracks in Renoise and offers you space to reduce CPU consumption on a different level.
Meanwhile we have breathing-space to work out real solutions in the background to replace the compensations for.