Unmute All Button & More MIDI Conrol


maybe i’m so dumb (very likely), that i still couldn’t find the location of the UNMUTE ALL / SOLO buttons that on 1.9.1 were on the main Track DSP’s area. where did they go?! and why did you remove them from there? it was so easy to access and also to do the midi mapping quickly for us that play live. BRING THEM BACK, PLEASE! :)


I just looked in: Preferences > Keys > Track Muting
And there’s a empty shortcut available for “Unmute all tracks”, try create one…

You can also press twice on solo button.

well thanks Garf, but i don’t think it sorts the problem.

Preferences > Keys > Track Muting : it’s for keys shortcuts…therefore you cannot assign a midi controller to it.

the solo/unsolo button doesn’t really work as well, as if you play live it would make you have to be on the right track in order for the UNsolo thing work as unmute all…as you undestand, when you play live you cannot waste on your time on details like this.

the Unmute All button is really necessary…come on guys…make some noise!!!


Didn’t realize the midi thing… What about clicking the MST channel scope?
Normally I just right click a solo channel scope to unmute all…

Nope…that’s no good…again, it’s the same thing of the Solo/Unsolo…it doesn’t work live. What if you don’t have the channel (scope) that is linked with midi turned on? then pressing the button would not unmute all, but just that particular channel…

we need an Unmute All button!!! Still fits the main dsp area…dunno why it was removed :confused:

It was removed to make room for the delay box.
It’s impossible to have buttons all over the place. And sometimes the GUI need a ‘clean up’ and something have to go.
Would it perhaps be enough to rightclick the ‘active’ button to unmute all?

Nope…not enough…there must be a button so you can assign that function to midi. It’s such a basic feature, i really don’t understand why it seems a problem.

Why not something like this:

notice the little ‘A’ button next to the solo tracks section…it wouldn’t hurt!

lemme know your thoughts.


Well, my thoughts are that we can’t have buttons for everything. And if you need a button ‘only’ because you need to map it to midi, then that’s another issue we should solve otherwise. Much better to be able to assign any shortcut to midi then. Don’t get me wrong. I understand your needs. But this is also true for other ppl needing other buttons in the interface. It’s impossible to please everyone. We don’t really want a cluttered ‘button monster’ either. Especially on the top panel we need to be very conservative what we put up there.

sure thing Pysj…just trying to make Renoise step up, as the “live” feature is nowadays as important as the studio one, believe me, i’ve been in the business for far too long.

anyway, as i long as you come up with a solution that can assign midi not only to unmute all, but also to all the other (or most of them) functions, it’s cool.

as for the monster button, i’m sorry…designing is definately not my thing, music is. however, it makes so much more sense an “unmute all” buttom there, than any of the other 3 (solo, auto-solo, mute track), as those are functions you can access from different parts of the program: Mixer + Track DSP’s + Scopes. So you’re right, you can’t have buttons for everything, but there’s no need to have 3x the same…or maybe there is and i’m being too obcessive with one single unmute all button :)


As, said, nothing wrong with you request.
And most times, if a new thing is going in, something must go out (GUI wise).
So your suggestion is not so bad, but you can be sure someone else will complain if we remove the Auto-solo buttons ;) So you can also argue that the delay-box should be removed again to revert the interface.
I don’t know how this will be in the end for 2.0. But better midi mapping is most likely not an easy task.
So any major live-tweaking upgrade for renoise must be set for a later version of Renoise.

Pysj, i understand, but you should not remove a feature, an important one, and say that you might consider it again in the future, that’s just not reasonable.

I’m aware that midi mapping is not easy, and that the “live” focused section of renoise will come with time, nevertheless you should find a solution for this. not only people that may already use renoise to play live need it, also the ones that like to jam at home or simply need to unmute all to test their tracks whilst producing at the distance of a click. i remind you that a lot of producers already use midi surfaces to control such basic features just while composing.

suggestion: why not adding an “M” button to the ‘master’ slide area of the mixer? it’s the only one that doesn’t have one, and it makes all the sense!!! “mute/unmute all”, check it out:

what do you think? come on…

Actually…the button shouldn’t be mute/unmute all or it wouldn’t be suitable for all the above mentioned purposes. it should only be “unmute all” (letter should be a “U”). mute all doesn’t make too much sense anyway.

It looks to me like everything unmutes when you click the Mst scope!? :blink:
Actually it doesn’t matter which mouse button you press with. Maybe a feature could be unmute all with left button and mute all with right… or toggle all on/off with left and toggle all mute/unmute with right.

I probably don’t understand your midi needs here sorry :rolleyes:

Garf…yes…if you click the MST scope you unmute all…but is there a way to assign midi to that? to assign a button to the act of clicking there?

let me try and picture it to you. imagine you’re playing a pattern live…you start muting channels in order to create a break…all of a sudden you decide to drop all the sounds in again at once and what? you have no ‘unmute all’ button to do it…you have no button to assign the midi control to that function.

got it now?

I’m slightly confused but I think I got it now! ;) brainstorm…

Could a solution be to assign keys (shortcuts) in the midi mapping dialog box?
Imagine you turn a knob on your midi keyboard, and when Renoise registers any activity it runs these keys/shortcuts?? (maybe one day you can configure a specific note to trigger keys/shortcuts)

This way you could probably make some predefined patterns, if you put in a list of mute commands.

Garf…yes, that could do it. I mean, if there was a way to assign a certain function (e.g. Unmute All), to a knob or button of a midi controller (just like for the keys shortcuts), we’d have the problem sorted. but i guess that would mean extra work making a more complex midi mapping submenu.

but i still think the ‘unmute all’ function is as important as to have its own button, reachable not only by the mouse but also by immediate midi mapping. why was there an “unmute all” button before anyway? who ever put it there must have had a reason.

please just don’t tell me there isn’t space…here’s another solution (left side v2.0, right side v1.9.1)

why not there?!

Good question actually.

But why do you want the button there when you can use the master scope?

Garf…come on man… :wacko:

the button is needed there so you can assign it to a midi controller. VIEW -> MIDI MAPPING (CTRL + M) ----- you can’t assign a scope to midi.

you don’t use a midi controller do you? :P

when you play live you don’t have the time to mute, unmute, fade in, fade out, etc with your mouse…you need buttons and knobs to do that. this is also useful for whoever uses control surfaces while producing. renoise v2.0 as it is now, allows you to mute/unmute every channel individually from midi (you just assign every mute button on renoise to your midi controller through midi mapping - ctrl + M)…but you can’t unmute all, which is stupid :blink:

see the problem now?

I thought it was only possible to map sliders… I got a midi controller, just not using it much… :huh:

Anyway I’m with you now, completely, you need this back and I can’t see why you won’t get this wish granted actually.

thanks man…but i’m sure it’s just not me who needs it. let’s hope the moderators and people in charge, start paying attention to this and add the ‘unmute all’ button again…wherever they feel like, cuz there’s plenty of space.

they’re all very concerned about the “live” pattern behaviour, posting 1001 graphical possibilities and a simple button that is crutial for “live”, that was already there before and which space wasn’t even taken by anything (master dsp area like i’ve pasted before), seems to be a pain in the ass…go figure.