Unoffical Renoise (non-off-topic) Video Demo

camera: sinatra
music: sinatra

actor1: selmert
actor2: xerxes
the one getting really hurt: xerxes

and yes… we were sober while making this piece of art.


urs truely,

.s .s .x

… music produced entirely in renoise
… video produced entirely for renoise
… stunts performed entirely, but not exclusively, by accident.

lol, and lol!!! :D

Seriously, NO fish?? It looks like a few fish were hurt. Really. But just a few. But then again I’m too bloody drunk to comment on this stuff. Damn those nachspiels with women who do the tease and make me drunk and make me leave early in the morning just cos her sister and her sisters boyfriend is coming for a visit from, like, the north pole or something. Dangit. I could at least get sober first!!

Anyway, fun video. Xerxes, be careful!!! You’ve only got one head!!!

Damn, um, this was stupid… :rolleyes:
(get sober get sober aaaaaargh)

WTF !?

and where is the kiss scene … censored or what … hot ga…uys :blink: :angry: :) B) :lol: :o :D

Gosh… doesn’t Bill Gates earns money enough even without our efforts?
Do you guys really had to chose a Microsoft proprietary filetype for your video?
Something people can ONLY open with a Microsoft program… something that’s not a standard for anyone except Microsoftheads…
Really… next time a simple AVI would do the job :)

well you guys should introduce yourself to a circus… they always seek talented artists… ;)

:lol: :lol:

Now that’s perforance art at it’s best!!

I watched the movie twice. :)
I said it once and I’ll say it again: You guys are great!

Yea, any chance of an .avi or .mpg?

and i thought i was crazy.

why do I find that so funny?

I don’t know why, but I DO.


haha ! :)

gave me a chuckle…


Make this movie flash and put it on main page!!! :yeah:


That’s so frickin’ sick ;)


It’s PC only…

I think some Mac owner wanted to see the wmv as well…
Any wmv players for MAc?

I opened it on Linux using MPlayer :P

LOL :D Nice one!

this is how norwegians party. true story!

hmm… guys… underwear… trance… hmm…


No trance was hurt (heard?) during the making of this video!