Unsettled Score

I put a lot of work into this track, really trying to capture the brooding emotions of the most excellent short film “Rosa” by Jesus Orellana.

You can watch the song paired to Rosa here

Or if you prefer to sit back and form your own story in your mind, listen to it eyes close or check out Soundcloud :P


Eitherway, I really hope you enjoy and please do comment if you like it! :walkman:

pretty cool score bro, it goes quite well with the footage. :guitar:

Thanks mate! :D

excellent work. the video is quite impressive too.

Thanks dude! :D

this song is pretty different from the standard dustep-ish Renoise tune. I generally like it, but a so lengthy piece of music should offer some more variations to be interesting to my ears. I’m not against long songs (I have made songs lasting for more than 15 minutes and I listen to a lot of progressive rock epics), but the longer your song is, the more is the risk of boring the listener.

the best parts for me are the intro, although it takes quite too much to actually build up, and the end part starting with the synth solo. the middle of the song is too repetitive for me, and I think that the drums part is what leaves the listener to desire the most.

Quite nifty piece of symphonic rock you put out there. I haven’t heard them like this lately… though there exist quite a few similar tunes.
It fits the short wonderfull btw.

Thanks fellas!

Yeah I have to admit that making a track this long is very daunting and a huge undertaking. It took me close to 4 months from conception to completion, 2 weeks of those being me trying to record the darbuka properly without getting bonus foley sounds on the side ha ha!

The song was written as a counterpart to the short film so in effect that determined the length of part 1 and 2, so that was a challenge - being creative but within a time constraint.

I really enjoyed making this. It amazes me what you can do with Renoise in a short period of time! :yeah:

Hey guys, I just came back from a 9 minute and 18 second trip. It was awesome. What did I miss?

Nice work :drummer: , I like the beat you’ve used, did you drum this yourself or is it from a sample library? Personally I’d make it punchier, eq it to sound somewhat brighter, louder in the mix. Increase the epicness :yeah:

yes, the song definitely works better with the video. I can understand the haunting of trying to “synch” with a video; personally, I would probably never be able to compose this way. Some of my songs have been chosen as a soundtrack for a video, but this happend after the song has been published, and no change was made to the song, as if the video was actually “made around” the video, not viceversa. I can also say that the result was not really inspiring to me, yet the video authors were happy with it, so who cares :)

Ha ha, awesome! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks dude, originally I sequenced the drum track, but then hit up my good mate (_Alrescha on Soundcloud if you are interested) to re-lay it down using his digital drum kit. It has a much more natural timing to it now that is just perfect for the track I reckon. I’d love to know how to make things brighter and fix my mixes up but my speakers are just crap so it is total guess work … I am saving up for some monitors!

Yeah I hear what you are saying, it is actually pretty rare that a song is made as a tribute to the visuals - in some ways I like the uniqueness of this approach the more I think about it :)