Unziping Xrns Files

When i download any xrns file that has been zipped, i unzip it and my computer only recongnizes the song as an xml (txt) file.

How can i stop this from happening ? If i rename it it still will not work.


Don’t unzip it if you’re not after the samples.

If your browser renames the file to zip, just change it to xrns.

XRNS files are basically ZIPped files into which there is an XML file containing song data, and all the samples (if any), so you don’t have to unzip the file once downloaded in order to play it.

for the rest, refer to gnute’s reply

As a user, manually force it back to .XRNS by renaming it.

Servers, browsers, whatever, will continue to rename XRNS to ZIP until a proper mime type is propagated to all the systems affected. This same “problem” happens with .OGG and .RAR files too. In those cases the server, browser, whatever handles them as text files.

But, Someone should register Renoise file formats as mime types…