Up-Tempo Dark Chipelectro

This is my first track in Renoise 2.7.1 after having been stuck on 2.5.1 for a while, i’m starting to get used to the new things. ^_^
Now i tried to focus more on the producing part than i have done before and i think it turned out quite allright.
It’s made entirely within Renoise and with native effects only and a handful of tiny samples.
Any comments appreciated :)


Interesting tune. But is there a reason why most of the drums are panned hard left during the first minute of the song? Perhaps an automation error, or some parameter that is not being correctly reset… or was it actually intentional?

Thanks! :)
I need to fix those drums, not shure what has happened here, i actually didn’t notice it on my crappy creative pc speakers, but it’s obvious in my porta pro headset. I really need some decent monitors.
I’ll have to fix that ending too, i’m not to happy with that.

i’m liking this just as much as your entree with the pitchslide/arp-commands competition !

I really enjoyed that.
It actually made me forget about smoking cigarettes for a bit!

Thank you, maybe i should make a “stop smoking in 3 minutes” album. :P

I’ve fixed the panning now, all it needed was one 0889.
I also did something with the ending, not shure if i’m completely satisfied yet, but it’s a bit more interesting than it was i think.

How do i attach a file to my post? I was thinking of relasing the xrns if someone would like to have a look, it’s only a 340KB file.

shure that would be highly educational at least for me :)

I couldn’t figure out the attachment thingy so i put it up here: https://www.yousendit.com/download/dkJvT0NTOC9TSUN4dnc9PQ
Now i tried to keep it clean and use some form of system so that it should be easier to read it, but i know it’s a 100 times easier to read your own work than some other dude’s so ask me through PM if any questions. :)
My techniques may be a bit old fashion, out of date or just completely stupid from a real audio engineer’s point of view, so if you see something totally weird please tell me. :P

i don’t understand where your last remark is coming from dude! the renoise file from the competition was a blast just looking it scroll by hahaha

i’ll definatly drop you a note if i need some extra info ;)

opening this xnrs as we speak :)