Update Announcements ?

Previously posted this message on de beta 3 release thread, however, maybe that wasn’t the ideal place, so reposting here …

I’ve mailed from the userpages before but didn’t get any answer.

Before (in the alpha stages) I’ve got a mail every time an update was available. Since the beta stages however i’ve never seen this kind of mail anymore. :huh:

It was pretty handy, and I’ve checked my email address at the user pages, but it is correct and daily I receive mails from several people, so I don’t believe it’s the mail problem …

However, is there something going wrong at my (server) side, or did you stop sending those mails ? If the latter, please send them again :)


i don’t receive them either, but this is ok, cause i check the forums on regular basis and there is always a thread about new release…

For me, it isn’t a must either. However, sometimes I really don’t have the time to browse the the forum, and then the email notification was really handy.

this would be nice as im not that frequent on this forum.

I will move this thread on new features request section, because I think that the best way to solve this would be an (automatic?) “check for updates” function in Config=>Misc