Update automation on Songpos option gone in RC1

hello. on RC1 the Update automation on Songpos changes option is gone. i’ve got lots of tracks that depend on it. my automations arent working as they should. help !!!

See, why it was removed:

I think this option is now enabled by default. So, when i’m understand you, you need it to disabled in your songs. But why? What dont work in your songs?

@renoise team: Could be a song option, when some users need to disable this option in their songs.

What does it do exactly? Change automation realtime when scrolling / moving through a song, instead of only updating the automation when pressing play?

Removing features is dangerous (loop finetune, cut/copy functions, remove unused samples, this) as peoples workflow can depend on it.

It does both.

Could you give us a few details why it was necessary to disable this option for your songs?

The option basically makes sure that, when navigating around in the song, that the song always sounds as if you’ve played it back from the beginning of the song. It “auto-seeks” the automation.
With the option disabled, automation behaves completely unpredictable.

I must agree to hcv242. It was very, very helpful in b8 to see the real automation value without pressing play. Without it, work can lead into lot of misinterpretation. I can not anymore trust the values that are displayed.

Please make it optionally available again, under “always show automation values at cursor position” ! Thanks! I personally don’t care so much, if the first note isn’t played correctly, if this is no problem while rendering.

I think you got that wrong. This of course still works. We’ve removed the option to !disable! that behavior.

Oh ok! Strangely it does not work here anymore. It seems I have to press play to see e.g. the value of the incoming channel volume.

Uh I accidently disabled “Follow song position”, so of course there was no updating anymore.

Hm, wouldn’t it be more practicable if the parameters would follow the cursor position while song is stopped in mode “do not follow song position”? E.g. if I scroll a pattern in this mode (stopped/no follow of songpos), I can only guess now the actual value under the cursor, right? In my opinion this feature should be enabled always.

No because if you are experimenting with several of the plugin its parameter values, this would get in your way if all these values would change the moment you put your cursor on another line.

If you need the actual value with follow mode off: Hitting the enter key (play row) in this mode still should put the parameters to the value of that very row if you really want to make it actual.

Hm, and if Renoise could detect if a value did change manually, it could only update then on next automation point…

You can continue and add this idea to the old discussion (from 2009):

I’m not sure if detection of a manual change is easy.

On mouse down on an automated control its automation should be disabled until mouse up.