Updated For 2.8! The Baguetter, A Simple Device Swap Machine

Yeah good call, I just notice there’s a wrong behaviour on the pattern dump + mchammer. Now fixed.
Also, what I implemented isn’t exactly good, I have to iterate from the first selected line. New problem, must find new solutions :)

Also, in next version, mchammer mode with work with both mchammer,MCHAMMER,safe and SAFE.

EDIT: it’s ok, I know how I’m going to please you (and yes, it’s going to be dirty).

a bit of an offtopic, but what is the color scheme on the screenshot?
its so chool i’d like it in the list!

Pale Green Theme for Renoise

thanks. its awesome!

Everybody reloads, 0.8 in yo face!

As usual, with every new solutions, I’m in front of new issues.

I’m removing the download until I have a fixed version :(

EDIT: Debugged. Your turn. Finally.

yo yo Baguette meister,

the pattern dump to selection doesn’t work as expected. I’d like the dumpage to start from the first line in the selection! So there are always pattern commands on the first row of the selection you dump to, that way you can make rhythmical on/off patterns. Right now it seems to count from the start of the pattern, unusable for what I had in mind.

I expected to be able to do something like this:

btw it is not an earth-shattering omission as it is piss easy to make a selection in the pattern editor and manually mouse drag/paste it according to wish, still :wink:

Well spotted.
Actually, my code should have been working except… I forgot something important.
As I’m using the same loop as the normal dump, I’ve done a condition checking if the option is selected. If it’s enabled, then I do a for loop on the pattern, get the first selected row, set some variables and once I find a row that is not selected, set some variables again… everything should have worked fine except I forgot to do something on the for loop that had this modulo:

for j%timerValue

Which should have been

for j-lineStart % timerValue

I’m fixing this right now, with something else I spotted :)

New version’s been uploaded.
Just to try out something, there is a little difference between the normal dump and the “with selection” dump. The latter will start from the “last selected device”. So let say you have like 10 devices, select 5 rows and hit the dump, it will write from 1 to 5. Then, go down some rows, select 5 more and it will dump from 6 to 10, disabling 5 on first selected row.

Tell me what you think about it.

Perfect! :drummer:

Will add next the random mode, probably rework the GUI and then, 0.9999999999 release!

PS: I want to go too quickly on the releases, result? I rush. I just forgot to add an observable on the new track created so it refreshes the “popup” value. Will do it asap.

yo, let me throw in something else to consider for a future future update, … maybe B) ; switches at note events in the pattern editor.

Similar to how dblue’s ‘envelopes from notes’ script in the automation editor triggers curves at any note event present in the pattern, have your tool start its on/off switching sequence at note events.

You could make this singular (does that word make sense here?) whereas there is one switch per event, or multi-spectacular (luls) whereas the row count setting iterates through all effects starting at each encountered note.

But whyyyyy do you want me to merge with Kieran, just imagine both of us living in the same body, that would lead into some kind of weird tracking monster!

Merci Mr. Baguette!!! :D

And guess who’s adding a ranananananananananananananananandom.

pix or didn’t happen

Somebody care to refresh and see if it crashes? :D

Seems to work here!

random row count between switches within a settable range would be cool too (last feature request promise ;) )

Planned for 1.0 :D

Ding. Version 0.9999 uploaded.


  • Better GUI
  • Simple random row count modifier.

The way I implemented the simple random row count modifier is pretty naive. Actually, it will only check every row count + random number from 0 to the modifier… basically, it shouldn’t behave correctly at ALL if you try to choose values upper the row count. I’ll have to add more in the coming days indeed. Expect a FINAL very very soon.