Updating of tools from within Renoise doesn't work anymore?

Renoise 3 shows me that a bunch of tools have recent versions available. But the updating does not work. On next check, it will be the same. No firewall blocks connections of Renoise or something.

The plugins have updated for me, but they never leave the list—even though they have been upgraded, if you check their version #s in the installed plugin listing.

A grab of the problem:

+1 for this bug.

same thing here.

The same scripts are listed as “not-updated”.


“Midi convert”, & “randomize notes” for example, are correctly downloaded in the tools directory…

A few for 3.0 updated tools had the “AutoUpgraded” flag set in its “manifest.xml” and also did not increased their version number.

I’ve fixed that now, so if you update them once again, they should not be listed again.