Updating the Patternposition editor

I’ve read more than one post, around, commenting addings to the Pattern-Arranger, in the top left corner of Renoise… For some reason it looks like it makes people restless as it is… and I have to agree about this <_<

As I use it over, I feel as well the urge of a more complete section up there.

When I work on my music I’m compelled to paper and pen!
Writing down pattern-numbers and adding comments… this reminded me of the very ancestor of Renoise… Protracker, on Amiga
:wub: :rolleyes:

At that time some space was granted beside pattern numbers for users to write down short, but absolutely usefull, comments!
That way I could easily navigate my song, quickly locate needed patterns and even better organize the lyrics.

As some opinions are gathering around changes in the PatternPos-Edit… I suggest to add this feature as well…