Upgrade To Latest Version Confuse

I’m on latest Renoise 2.8 now, win7x64.
Can’t say nothing about previous versions, but now i have noticed that if you “Upgrade to latest version” and resave, date of file creation in windows file properties changes on today…
I lost pretty much most of the actual dates, but just for the future, i would like to clear if it’s intended behaviour and why?

If it’s not intended. then please fix it, i think that file should always have the correct date of it’s creation.
thx in advance

Renoise saves your file to a temp folder and then overwrites your actual file with the temporary file if the integrity check is turns out correct.
This treatment however causes the creation date to change because the temporary file never existed in the first case so this would not be just with “Upgrade to latest version” but happens in all cases.
A fix would require to store the creation-date from the original file and use it to change the creation date of the temporary file. I don’t know if this can be easily done on every platform though.

This measure was done to prevent possible loss of work if your harddrive got full or didn’t allowed writing to it for whatever reason or the xrns archive became corrupt for some other reason.
If the integrity check fails, you get a notice about it so you can take countermeasures (e.g. saving it to a different location, clean out harddisk space, unlock the temp folder).

It’s been my experience that file dates in Windows get messed up all the time anyway, so I stopped relying on them many years ago. Even a very simple and common action such as copying the damn file to another drive or folder (creating backups, for example) will destroy the creation date.

These days, whenever I start a project that is important to me (a Renoise song, for example), I simply add the creation date in YYYY-MM-DD format to the beginning of the filename itself. This guarantees that I will easily be able to sort and locate my project files, no matter what happens to the actual file creation date, no matter where I copy/backup the damn file, etc.

For example: (Fictional names, heh)

  • 2011-12-31 new years eve 2011 mega rave party.xrns
  • 2012-02-14 fuck you hallmark, i’m sooo ronery.xrns
  • 2012-04-01 just another april fool.xrns

In my opinion, if you care about organising and sorting your work, then a naming scheme like this is simply a good habit to get into anyway.

Well…using temp files make sense, thx for explanation!
You have just opened my eyes…damn, modern PCs are still s**t!
I really didn’t know that copy delete all the timestamps…this is just completely idiotic :(

Now i guess i’ll be a big fan of song notes inside Renoise…
But with Windows it could be more handy and systematic, like sort and stuff with actual rename of files…
Why the hell Microsoft haven’t implement such a common things for files?
It’s pretty much obvious that files could be copy-pasted on another hard drive or even device…
I mean, whole situation with date creation is just awful!