Uplifting Trance inspired by Scooter

Hello everyone, I will be very pleased, if you rate this song inspired by Scooter band, I made the tune on Renoise. Cheers


Reminds me abit to the older 90s techno tunes :) The kick is pretty quiet, need more power. Use more reverb, because it’s also pretty dry on some parts (crash,…) For uplifting trance, i miss the typical pumping with the 16tel bass lines.

edit: Ha, didn’t read the thread subtitle. It was your intension to sound like the 90s. :D

Thank You! I really admire your opinion, every opinion helps me to improve, you are right, some parts of the tune are dry, true, I should have used more reverb, but I am afraid, I couldn’t have made the beat stronger, because I was afraid that the beat might have overcome the melody so that the melody couldn’t be heard :) But anyway, I could increase that just a little bit :)

That’s why there are compressors, exciters and stuff. But I think you just need another palette for your melody.
The track could be helped a lot with a less thin sound carrying it. Maybe even layer it with something.

The truth is I am still beginner and I am not used to work with compressor and stuff, but I am learning day by day and attempting to improve :) Thanks again, I really appreciate your advice :)

the truth is…the more you are using gain EQ and loudness fx the badder it will sound in renoise. best sound is wth no fx at all.

Yeah, you might be right but then the samples would have to be of some good quality