Uploading Music


my server [djnick.org] is extremly limited & expensive to just 10MB space so Im looking for good [free?] server where Id like to upload my mp3 song and also .rns song. mp3 is ~10 MB while .rns is ~15. I thought renoise server is capable of handling music but seems not :)

I also read about dance industries:

what is it like? I have my space at music.download.com [search for djnick] and there I`m able to upload 160kbps mp3 songs [and not .rns files]. I decided to upload .rns file too as this is my first song I created w/ ReNoise.

all best! :walkman:

refer to this thread where i posted about a GREAT site that lets you host 250 megs free with direct linking ALLOWED. it’s wonderful

Was thinking of just recomending that one myself :)#

Note that to keep your account active you have to log-in once every 30 days or they wil delete your files, but that shouldn’t be too hard for most people ;)

thank you for this link! sounds great. only problem is - what if I forget to login there once a month :( luckily a friend of mine gave me unlimited space where I could store my stuff & link there, but personally - would be great if ReNoise team will have some spare disk space to upl music there :) [like reasonstation.com or aminet]

Been thinking I should try getting onto the guy who runs http://www.djmixtape.net and see if he’s willing to do something similar but for artists own productions. But then again, with how his site curentley, browsing and searching is quite hard, but at least you could always link people to the page yourself. There are a whole load of sites like mp3.com.au and soundclick people use, but I’ve never got around to working out how many of them are actually worth further investigation…