Urban Frequency

Hi everybody :)

My bad english make that I can´t post in this foro that I like… sorry for the trouble…

You can hear “Urban frequency” (my last theme) in the song page. It´s a fusion song… acoustic piano (direct) + beats + strings… with final surprise (about 2:00). What´s my favorite film? :D

Renoise + Cubase SX

Greetings from Madrid

Now I’m thinking Matrix… :D

Exellent strings!! Think you can do better with the beat, but the strings were beautiful and cinematic. Thumbs up!

Matrix is one of my favorite film… The BSO is incredible :D . Correct answer sagosen ;)

Thank you for listening the song. I agree that the beat can be improved, but is my first song with this type of rhytm … May be the next song :D

Greetings from Madrid! and thanks again!

Listening to this, I really like the piano, what VSTi did you use to make it? Also the strings were really great!

Very cinematic!

Could’ve been a movie theme for sure.

Great work :) Also like the beat, very well done!

Thanks dufey for listening the song :)

The piano is a Clavinova, played live. The strings is Sample tank free, you can download from his page.

Greetings from Madrid and thank you again for listening and feedback


There are some parts that reminds me a bit of Moby, the way the strings are played and the part from 2:14.

I have to agree though that the drums dont fit the song very well they somewhat bring the song down one notch from what it could have been if the drums were better…

There are to few sounds in the beats and the beat is to repetativ. I don’t thing the hihat thing does the song justice.

It might sound better with some reverb or delay. But I don’t think only adding some reverb or delay would save the beat, it needs some work or rework…

Over all though Very nice song!

Hey, thanks splajn for your review :D

I agree with your comments about the beats. I need improve this section. About the strings… I put strings in almost all songs, they’re everywhere jeje :)

Thanks for the beat advices, I´ll remember it.

Thanks again for listening the song… and sorry for my english :)

Hi Abyss :) I’d love to hear your song but I’m not sure where to look for it on the songs page - http://www.renoise.com/songs.php . Do you remember which category you put it in?

It’s still there at the bottom of the main page, but just to make it simple: Here! :)

Ah cool, thanks heaps :D

I’d listen, but soundclick’s streaming audio doesn’t seem to work–I don’t know whether it’s because I’m going through a router (even though I have security turned off) or what–I have no firewall software running, I have microsoft’s firewall service completely disabled, I don’t have popup blocker software running, I’ve tried in IE, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Deer Park Alpha 2, and Netscape and it doesn’t work on any of them, and when I log in using the email and password from bugmenot.com to try to download the mp3, it just brings up a popup ad and the main window loads a blank white page with text at the top of the screen that says "Please go to http://www.soundclick.com"

Hello everybody!
Thanks for try listening the songs and the mesages. I wrote to soundclick support, and they say me that the problem is ok today.

The link:

Abyss page

Greetings from Madrid, and sorry for my english and the trouble :)

Very nice track, Abyss. I agree with Sagosen, the beats need more work, but everything else is great.

Thanks laurencedavies for listening the song. In the next mix, I´ll try to improve the beat

Thanks mate :)