Urgent! - Looking For Good Vocalists

Anyone have contact with any good vocalst out there. Just finished up a song and need to put some vocals in. Attached test has a VERY rough scetch with both female and male song. Can’t really decide what to use. If anyone know any Exceptionally good vocalists fit for this style. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Don’t listen to the quality of the the vocalist. It’s just a rough scetch.

Please contact me for the full song with no vocals if you know anyone with the skills to nail this baby! Male or female doesn’t matter.

MSN: tunepunk@hotmail.com
mail: riggi@tunepunk.com


Try to collab with an artist here: http://www.acapellas4u.co.uk/ or http://www.ccmixter.org

you can also look for local conservatories and contact the vocal department, placing a note on a clipboard in the hall will do as well :slight_smile: Actually that would be better.

For a small fee they’ll lower themselves to dance music :wink: ,no problem!
Might be pretty girls as well if you’re looking for a hook up!

LOL … can’t be pretty girls. My GF would kill me. THe ogliest one with the best voice will do.

I see sarcasm… :blink:

It depends on if you are prepared to pay and how much. I know one of the best women vocalist there is. Backup vocalist for Ace of Base, Britney, Celine Dione etc…
Though Jonas advice is probably better.

Though what I would do is to contact some of the people to run for swedish (what ever country you are in) Idol. There are some really good and good looking who would probably love to sing for cheap/free.

Lareux: Enjoyed listening to your track, it’s always nice to hear (dance-) music made with Renoise that is somehow similar to my own. I think it could fit the song to use a female voice in the chorus as well (except it would maybe bump frequency-wise with the female ah-effect in the background).