Usb Controller Question..

Hi, I’m kind of new in the amazingly stimulating world of making electronic music… and I’m planning to buy one of these: … or maybe the Axiom 25, I’m not sure yet…

but I don’t know exactly how wide are the possibilities with these…

I started making songs with FTStudio (lol yeah, I know, that’s why i’m getting more softwares, such as renoise) and now I’ve been playing with Renoise for a few days (I’m learning really fast…) and I don’t like the feel of a keyboard to input my notes (d’uh) so, basicly that’s why I want one of these… so… what I want to know is, how will this usb controller works on renoise? The item comes with a software so I was wondering (I think so, but I’m not sure) if it was compatible with any other software (such as the amazing renoise)…

Also, I would like some advices on my choice of usb controller… I chose this one because I like the configurable pads on it… you have like… half a trigger finger included… and theres also a lot of assignable sliders and knobs… (btw, how do these work exactly? I assign, let’s say, a slider to the master volume and it records to the envelope while i’m on record mode and the track is playing?

so basicly i need informations about how these controlers work with Renoise…

thanks a lot.

Thanks… that’s what I wanted to hear… I mean… to read…

I just had to be sure it was working this way… and thanks for the instruction manual… I downloaded the offline version… it’s really helpful…

and what do you think about my keyboard choice… are there some cool stuff i’m missing? is M-audio a good company?


The CME UF5 might be worth a look too.

Yeah, that’s a good idea… I didn’t want to buy without asking around anyway…

2 people suggesting the same brand… and I don’t even know it… I’ll check this out… thanks

Oh… I didn’t know that… Do you think this feature will be added soon? it doesn’t seem that hard to add such a feature when you can assign a slider or a knob… while these options are just on/off options… I saw that the play, stop, records, etc… buttons on the Axiom are also assignable to anything I want… Isnt there a way to assign them to the “play, stop, records, etc” keyboard shortcut via the keys configuration on the preference panel?

ohh i see… but… could i plug like… an usb video game controller and input buttons on the controller as keyboard shortcuts for renoise?

ok… well I hope this feature will be added to renoise someday… it would be nice…

thanks for the informations.

Hi Everybody!
This is my first post on Renoise forum (like an virgin :)
Can you please tell me something.
I’m interested in buying M-Audio Oxygene 49 midi keyboard.
Do you think it will work with Renoise properly?
I’m asking here b-cos I didn’t find any info about it somewhere else.
Best regards and…Renoise rulez!!!

its nice to hear a positive comment about this keyboard because it looks really nice… but i want the axiom49 because of the 2 extra octaves and the 9 assignable sliders…

anyway… i’ll probably buy in a 1-2 months so I’ll have the time to read a lot of reviews and get more informations

Thank you very much! I have ordered oxy49 :)
After testing I will share the feelings about it!


I would also suggest the E-MU X-board 49. I have it and I’m very satisfied with it.…fdeccc185bfd49a

I choose this one because I didn’t have much money to spend. So this could be a good alternative if you’d like to save some money.

I also liked the 16 turnable knobs, most of the keyboardcontrollers have only 8. I assign them to the knobs in the VST(i)'s for finer tuning. Works good with Renoise!


thanks for the suggestion… im currently checking which one I should buy… I’ll take your into consideration… 16 knobs is a pretty nice feature indeed… but I wish it had some pads… I kinda like the feel of pads for percussions rythms… well… that’s what they are made for… lol…