Usb Hubs & Midi Controllers

So it seems like I’ve blown up another usb hub for the second time in a few months and I don’t know what is causing this. According to the computershop the 7 port usb hub device should easily manage the two small akai controllers (Lpd8 & lpk25) and the external harddisk which has its own power supply.

No matter what I try (for example, another port on the computer), the laptop doesn’t recognize the connected controllers or HD while the hub’s led does still light up. If I connect the devices individually to the laptop they do get recognized.

This is the hub, a seven port sweex:

It comes with an additional adapter in the box which I’ve never used before as it shouldn’t be necessary for what I’m hooking up, doing so now does nothing to fix the problem.

Anyone know of a possible solution other than returning it to the shop and getting a new one?

Have you tried another brand? I’ve had them blow up so I’m using a different one now. It hasn’t blown up (yet) but it doesn’t supply enough power to some devices.
Also try different USB ports on the computer. It can make a difference even though it probably shouldn’t.

Haven’t tried another brand yet, just replaced this broken hub with a similar new one, still had the warranty…am afraid it’ll pop in a few weeks however and will surely look for another solution.

First, when you say you’ve “blown it up” do you mean it was working at first, and then stopped working?

Second, what is your computer?

At one point I was having nasty issues with my USB audio interface, and then realized that it was because my laptop had some fancy-pants “Advanced Power Management” (APM) which was messing with the USB.

Yours doesn’t sound like the same problem, but you should also consider your computer and/or USB ports as the point-of-failure. (even if they are working with a direct connection.)

I’m surprised there has been no mention yet in this thread of Single TT versus Multi TT hubs… This is like the dirty secret of USB hub technology that most hubs are Single TT which means much worse performance when using more than 1 device. Something very significant to know about when you are using this stuff for music which requires no latency.

Read up on it here:

And then I would suggest getting this hub:

In case the link becomes outdated later on, the hub is called “Cables Unlimited Multi TT hub”

Thanks organic io, that explains a lot.