Usb Midi Keyboard

Thinking about get a USB MIDI Keyboard to do the following :-

  1. Play my Sample based Instruments using the keyboard instead of playing them with a computer keyboard

  2. Use Renoise to control any onboard MIDI instruments in the keyboard

  3. Use the keyboard to control other PC based MIDI devices

So the questions I have

Are all the above options possible ??

Specifically in the case of 2. does the USB transfer the notes from Keyboard into Renoise or do I need additional wires soundcard



“2” requires your midi keyboard to be a synth/sound module. Are you interested in a midi controller, or something a bit more?

Midi, by itself, makes no sound. It is just a way that electronic instruments can, “talk,” to each-other.

Thanks 2 daze j.

The plan is that 2 would be supported by a synth. So I will have to check what outputs it has to workout how to get the sound back into Renoise

do you have a sound card? Some of the the, “synth + controller,” also function as sound card.

Like Novation Xio Synth, (spelling)

I believe that is a synth/controller/soundcard, and may indeed work Usb. Is that what you are looking for?


I do have a sound card will have to do a bit more digging on this one