USB MIDI Sustain?

Ok I’m sick and tired of not being able to use my sustain pedal. Both of the controllers I had with sustain inputs died on me, and now not one of my 3 midi devices have the input. Which blows my mind, I don’t know why this is just left off of so many products, but oh well. So what’s the easiest way to add a sustain pedal with no sustain inputs? I figured surely there’s just a USB one I can buy. But damned if I can find one.

Does anyone have any ideas, or know of a reasonably priced USB solution? I do have a midi to USB adapter, so even a pedal that just plugs in by midi would work for me.

this: is named “expression” but I think it can handle state pedals as well? I once took it into my eyes, but now I have a controller with expression/sustain inputs.

also there is a company called “midi solutions” which sell boxes which look like they won’t break easily, but cost accordingly and have no usb, just standard midi.

Other solutions I don’t know about. I was astonished there aren’t more when I researched it a year or two ago. Maybe most people just have a keyboard with a port, and use that. And rma or buy another if it is borked. At least that’s what companies expect you to do. You don’t have antistatic carpet on your floor, but one that will cause those little snapps every now and then in the winter, right? Or your pedal is great but faulty? man, blowing 3 ports can’t be random, one would think…

For throwaway purposes I might be tempted to buy…an usb hid gaming pedal, or one for dictation purposes, and then try using some hid to midi convertor. Because those pedals are kind of cheap to have. But I guess snyc, latency and reliability are out of the game, or a matter of having great luck with such a product.

Well, the ports didn’t exactly blow. On my m-audio 49, it was just really old (over a decade) and in the process of moving to a new place its usb port got physically damaged. It’s just not worth repairing and it’s ancient, well beyond warranty. My prokeys 88 is fairly old too, and its problem is that it just turns on and off constantly. It can probably be repaired, and I’m holding on to it until such time as I can figure out how.

I actually realized this morning that I had a 25 key controller with a sustain port that I forgot about, it was just hidden somewhere collecting dust. So I’m using that now, solely for its sustain port.

maybe this could be a solution :