Usb Powered Grill…-wtf-196087.php

this is the craziest shit i’ve ever seen.

5 pci cards with 5 usb ports each, all with a cable on them, hooked together to power a small grill

the you probably didn`t hear of Ibuzz.

Ibuzz is nothing more but a vibrator with different approach of stimulation.

Think of the novelty of this device at a lan party. Now since the video card is going to take up a vital slot, you would throw this sucker in a spare PC and in no time prepare a meal that is the size only a muskrat would enjoy!

This beats the computer mod that makes coffee!

that really brings new meaning to omgwtfbbq

please add a beer frigde then.

ow…cool indeed…how did you set up the power supply - 16 USB ports?

Well perhaps
looks more professional.

of course midi controllable.


you can just be jamming during your concert, and hit a button and your beer will get poured automatically. nice

Great, we got meat, we got beer, now the only thing lacking is a dumphole for your shit…

oh that must be one of the new urine cooled cpu’s. guess what they’re called? “peetium” HAHAHA. wow that was a dumb joke

Hmmz would mean that overclocking fun would only last for 20 to 30 seconds…

Sorta like this?

CPU goes POP!

How about a port-o-john case? Could use it to house a pretty hefty server…

It’s pretty well fake…
If you want to know what a CPU really does when you take the fan off of it:

(Recognised the Amiga module btw? (the song ofcourse:P))

And here a very expensive way to cool your CPU:

And here a very cheap way to cool your whole system (a very good tip well):

It would lower your power consumption at least (without all the fans) and saves you big bucks on a water coolingsystem.

The do-it-yourself tutorial here:

when it comes to casemodding i like it a bit more the conservativ style:…es/Power-PC.jpg