USB Weird issue

Howdy… Got a quick post on a low priority issue…

I have a usb camera (microsoft lifecam) that has a blue light on top of it that comes on when its in use (skype or whatever)…
The strange thing is that when I open renoise, the light comes on. It just seemed weird to me that renoise would be activating the usb ports.

Is it supposed to do that (is Renoise scanning for compatible audio hardware) or is it taking pictures of me as I work ;)


Shit, he’s on to us!

closes laptop
puts on shades
walks away

It’s probably just scanning for MIDI devices… but… you must check if there’s a shady van with a satellite antenna next to your house… WITH RENOISE LOGO ON SIDE! :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

If the webcam has a built-in microphone then Renoise will try to use it as an audio input. It probably lights up when anything tries to access some part of its available hardware.

My laptop’s integrated webcam doesn’t light up when I start Renoise, but now I will have to put some scotch tape over it just to be sure.

I’ve had my camera light up at times when running a program that may use audio inputs. It’s pretty normal, for the reason dblue supposed.

Thanks for the replies… It’ll be the mic input. Good call…