Use LPB in all Demo Songs...

Not too much of an issue, but maybe the demo songs should be converted in Renoise v2, so they use the new LPB features…


Yes, the whole Song contents need to be updated till the final release, but I will need the help of you all to do so.

A 2.0 Demo Song contest would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Ah OK. Sorry if I jumped the gun a bit there

The reason I posted this originally in the Bug Reports section, was that when I loaded a demo today, and looked at a long sample (a break from the dblue demo track), the 09xx offset markers at the bottom of the sample editor view had a bug;

On a long sample from a previous version of Renoise, in Renoise 2.0, the 09xx offset ruler stops halfway across the page…

If this is going to be sorted, thats cool, but I just wanted to alert your attention to it


Which sample / song is that exactly?

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Yeah, it is in the demo song “Ride The Lightning”

Have a look at this screen dump for evidence of the issue.

As you can see, the 09xx offset markers along the bottom of the sample screen stop before they get to the end of the sample (the sample is the “foolgold” break)

Hope this helps

That’s because in the song settings for the 09 mode “Amiga/FT2” was selected.

It’s all getting a bit complicated, isn’t it!

Yes, that would be nice.

can we forbid breakcore?



Can we have 2 demo song categories: 1 for 2.0 Breakcore and 1 for 2.0 Everything Else?


We should actually use a LolCat filter to hide these kind of lines with LolCats that actually say something more reasonable than these kind of lines do.


yes sir, please do a demo song contest! you should specify max size of XRNS… other than that, i think any genre / length etc should be allowed.