Use More Than One Vsti For A Track


I would be pleased to know if it is possible to associate more than one VSTI (VST instrument not effect ) to a midi track (or a group of midi tracks) in Renoise 2.8 ?


there is no such special thing like a “MIDI track” in Renoise. if by “MIDI track” you simply mean a track, then it is possible. Check out the plugin routing section of the manual


Thanks for your answer…

I have seen the plugin routing section but I am not sure to understand… Some VSTi seems to have multiple outputs and so you can associate, with the plugin routing, a particular vsti output to a particular track… But in the doc, there are speaking about mutliple outputs for a same VSTi, not two or more VSTi.

But it is not what I search : I would, for instance, to use Superwave P8 whith JM Jarre Strings and MicroTera with Plastic Piano on the same track (or group of tracks) without having to copy the track (or group of tracks) as often as the number of VSti I want to use. When you associate an instrument to a note in the pattern editor, you give a number which reference an instrument not a group of instruments ?

For the VST effects, I have seen to how using many effects for a same tracks but I don’t know how to do the same with multiple VSTi.


do you want to associate more than one VST instrument to the same number in the instruments list, so that, if you play a C-4 01, it plays C-4 for three different VST instrument?

I don’t think this is possible with Renoise alone. You should use a plugin stacker such as Xlutop or Bidule and load the VSTi’s inside it

You can have two instruments play at the same time in a track if they are in different columns. You can render the simplest of the VSTs to sample and make a sample layer that plays the same note as the VST.