Use one midi controller on 2 instances of Renoise


I have an Akai MPD32 control surface and two instances of Renoise running. How can I start/stop and send midi cc message to the instances seperately? (I.E. Start instance 1 and after that stop instance 2) Is it possible to control only the active window instance of Renoise? That would be awesome.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Many drivers are not multi-client capable, so if you are able to connect your Audio/MIDI device to both instances of Renoise, count yourself lucky to begin with.

Of course, such a limitation could be worked around by using virtual cables / MIDI loopback drivers, but that doesn’t seem to apply here… so let’s skip that part :wink:

Using the good ol’fashioned Renoise MIDI mapping dialog, you can do most of what you are looking for here.

For example, if you have four buttons, A/B/C/D then A+B could start/stop instance 1 and C+D could start/stop instance 2.

When creating those mappings, they are saved along with the song, so you just need to make sure that you are loading the right songs into the right instance.

And DO NOT save this song as a template, or the same mappings will be applied to both instances!

If you are on the Mac, you might want to take a copy of the entire application. I believe this will cause it to have separate preferences, in which case you can assign different color schemes to easily tell apart the two instances, Hitori Tori style :)(and specify different audio/midi devices etc.). Doing the same on Win/Linux I think involves some batch/shell script magic.

  1. Is it possible to control only the active window instance of Renoise?

Hey, that is a cool idea. Not currently possible AFAIK, but when using a tool like Duplex, this could actually be made to work… and save some buttons in the process. For the A/B/C/D example I mentioned, this could be reduced to just A/B, depending on the focused application.

But right now, Duplex is not really suitable for controlling multiple instances of Renoise. It can be done, but setup is even more painful than what I’ve described above… :o

Thanks danoise, for the feedback.

I was really glad both instances played right off, without doing any configuration edits.

The mpd has 4 controller banks, so I’ll use bank1 for instance 1 and 2 for instance 2. Probably works better then controlling the active window, because you need to make the window active and when active, you can’t control the other instance.

But if it were possible, I would use controller bank 1 on the active window and 2 on the non-active window. That would be cool :slight_smile: