Use Pitch Bend With Midi Keyboard

Hello everybody.

I’ve make many instruments with many samples and it’s ok and very cool because i’ve found how to make good loop in the sample to hold the sound as long i want.

But i’ve stille a problem. I play sometimes in live to looking for melody with my external midi keyboard and i want to use the pitch bend for the midi keyboard but it doesn’t work.

I can’t find any option in renoise to active pitch bend. Is it available or not ?

Thanks for response to a french noob like me :P

hey jazzbass,

The only solution to your problem that i could think of right now would be - getting a VST that would just allow you to manipulate pitch . So it would be a VST effect that would allow you to manipulate pitch.

So what you would do is : get your intrument and your VST with pitch modulation loaded and then right click on the VST and Midi MAP the pitch shift function to your Midi Keyboards pitchbend wheel.

So when you would play with midi keyboard and use your pitchbend wheel, it should be something like pitchbend, but you might have trouble finding VST like that, because as i’ve searched - they dont make VST effect simple as that =), but if you use programs that would allow you build your own FX , programs like Reaktor 5 or Max/Msp, you should then not have any problem in making simple pitch modulation FX.

Thats the only thing that i could think off at this point, im sure thought that there is an easier solution to your problem - i havent explored renoise well enought myself as well.

I hope this will help to you in any way


thanks for this response.

hey no problem, i hope it helped