Use this lfo tip to make automations faster!

someone asked for this like 2 weeks ago and i made a video about it to test my new audio interface + mic setup :slight_smile:

let me know if you like !!


Really nice tip! Thank you!

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nice! i used this trick in elektrons hardware , im new to reaper so things like this are hard to remember when transferring work flows :smiley:

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Renoise :wink:

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ive been using it a lot lately !! most times i make a patch in bitwig and then im like

can i replicate this stuff in Renoise :thinking:

tbh bitwig is so advanced than most of the times people request features in forums like this and they are in bitwig since version 2

my latest 2 videos are totally inspired in 2 modulator in bitwig

on that note

renoise is fucking smooth ! you can sequence drums and glitchy rhythms easier in renoise than in any other daw out there also the whole UI and approach to sample based instruments invite exploration at least thats my case

good trick :slight_smile: I still prefer using automasher for long modulations though

Iā€™m hoping for those pattern restrictions to be removed in the future :microbe:


yeah its a bit silly at this point considering that all daws even the dinosaur protools features a continuous lane