Use Tracks As Audio Tracks Possible?


I was ProTracker addicted and now i see something
beyond my imagination of 1992. Very nice program!

Nowadays i got a synthesizer i would love to
play via renoise tracker midi. Unfortunately the
synth can only play 1 sound at the time.

Is it possible in renoise to record external audio to a track
just like cakewalk or sonar? Then i would have the
audio track of the first synthie sound in renoise and can
change the synthie to the second sound and play both
together. The audio track could then be treated with renoise DSP.
Maybe a very large sample? Or is there another way i just don’t think of?

Furthermore: is it possible to save sysex data
of sounds? I could save them at the beginning of
the sound as midi dumb but i would like to have the
song clear. So is there an extra option?

Thx for newbie support :)


Maybe you could try Rewire? Run Renoise in parallel with Sonar? Get the best of both worlds? More info here:

Hi Conner,

…never thougth of this. Nice idea.
As i already got Sonar LE.
Might be a bit screenswitching.
Now i need a second screen :)

I will try it out.
Big thx! :D