Useful Sample Editor Tools!

Hi i like the new feature to be able to record in renoise, but there are a few things i wish for the sample editor to have. It’s not any major tools, and some of them might have been posted before. I just wanted to give my short list of useful tools and maybe other people could add more to this thread.

  • Insert Silence (Very useful to offset stuff in the sample) Usually now i copy a silent part of the sample if availabe and spam paste until wanted lenght. added in “Lines/Ticks” or “seconds”

  • Mute Selection ( I know adjust sample can be used, but a partucular button just for this would be handy)

  • When Applying track Effects it would be great if the editor automatically added more lenght to the sample. Applying Reverb to the sample will just apply it to the lenght of the sample and often cut at the end, as it is now.

  • Possibility to make a selection in only Left or Right channel.

  • Applying Track effects to either Left or Right or both. (Based on selection)

  • Combing two samples (MONO) to a stereo sample. where as one for Left and one For right. and Automaticly converting both samples to the standard 44100 hz x32 bit in the process. I use this a lot to get some variety and width in especially drumsamples. Then i can just set the stereo width later with

I’ll probably edit to add some more later but that’s the stuff i use mostly. =) and wish i could use directly in renoise.

Kudos. I strongly second this motion. I don’t do a whole lot of live recording, but I do alot of heavy editing and sequencing. All of these features would be more than welcome and heavily used. I think most people use an external audio editing program of some sort in conjunction with renoise- I would love to do away mine all together. Renoise isn’t far from being able to do that.

One thing I would like to add to the list would be some sort of ability to pitch corrections. I know we can just type in a different note value, but if you are using auto sync this isn’t possible without correcting it first in another wave editor. Time stretching would be cool too (this seems to be a sore issue with some people for some reason though from what I’ve read).