Useful Tools!

Ok. Renoise is powerful. It can be even more powerful with tools that can help you treat and manipulate audio, as well as draw in your own audio mation/enveople curves instead of haing to click on certain areas.

You will see three tools that I added (Thanks MS Paint!!!)

The Pencil tool: This is an essential tool imo. The pencil tool can be used to not only treat audio (i.e. if there is a spike in - let’s say- a kick drum, you can simply zoom in, and correct the problem by drawing out the spike with the pencil tool, as well as if you want to draw into the audio file itself to create some interesting effects), but to also actually draw automation ramps and tighter envelopes instead ot just clicking and dragging points. Things would definetly be quicker -as far as workflow is concerned- since you simply can draw with your mouse the values you want. And if there is already a point that you want to erase, you can just draw over it and the old value will be erased, whilst the new value will overwrite it.

The Line tool: This would be handy for drawing ramps as well as create smoother curves. Think logic audio type curves. Like this picture below

NOTE: I didn’t draw the pencil/line/erase tool in this one due to me just forgetting to draw it.

The Erase Tool: Think this one speaks for itself. Can erase lines, points that is unwanted.

These tools are nothing new, but I think renoise would definetly benifit greatly from them.

What do you think?


the pencil tool for audio editing would be greatly appreciated and very welcome feature :)

Are you are running MS Paint on OS X?

Cool feature! I vaguely remember being able to do this in Fast Tracker II. Not for the envelopes, but for the samples.


Yes, these tools are really USEFUL as you noticed. Of course suggestions for hand-drawing in sample editor are made earlier in this forum.

the pencil: nothing new, yes, and already suggested, but still has my +1

eraser/line: this would need freeform line creation, while automation is now created through linear or cubic spline interpolation

No. Saved the screenshot and brought it over to my pc here at work. Made the edits there. Though there is a program called paralles desktop that allow you to use microsoft apps on your mac.

Oh, well didn’t realised that they were mentioned. Does no harm in … mentioning them again eh? B)

As for the need of freeform line creation, yeah i noticed that I really didn’t change the way that down below. oh well. You’re right though.


don’t trust him! he’s a mac user! :dribble:




+1 !!! :D

Not that important to me, but +1.