User Definable, User Scripts Directory?

Man, I noticed last weekend win7 locks my user directory if I try to get to it from another OS.
It just doesn’t show up in OSX even if I turn on hidden things.
Could we have a setting in config.xml to point that to another directory if needed?

Sounds more like an authorization issue.
I doubt it would improve much if you would share a different folder.

:blink: What?

Vince, I’m not accessing a network share, it’s just a different drive on the same computer, multi-boot.
That’s why I started the thread.
I come from the school of thought that I try to keep nothing important whatsoever on a drive with Microsoft Windows,
as it is continuously ‘Verified’ to be “consistently Unreliable” to do so.
This is where backup theory/ethic comes from: Consistently Unreliable Operating Systems.
I admit I may have just made that up.

Windows 7 has a way of taking over other physical drives also, and putting it’s system files wherever it wants like a virus, it spreads.
So you have to make sure you keep your important stuff on a drive it does not spread to or has infected, with it’s microsoftness.

example of bad microsoftness:

I can’t help but write this analogy for the aforementioned thread:

buy land: hard disc
build a house: install windows 7

then when no one is looking,
put the driveway/parkway access to the street through your neighbor’s property/parcel.

Windows 7 supports symlinks, called junctions I think. Google that shit.

Put the scripts wherever you want, symlink them as explained in the README file in the root directoryy of SVN.

That’s a good idea, I didn’t even think win7 had symlinks or “junction points”.
I just see you added that to the readme over 2 weeks ago.

That is a very dangerous thing to do if your shared drive ain’t FAT32 or FAT16, considering OSX is based on some Linux/Unix variant and Windows filesystem handlers cannot coop with these kind of drives neither can Linux coop with NTFS properly.
If you want a safe multi-os share, create a FAT32 or FAT16 drive and then use that to share settings and songs.
And if you are already sharing stuff through EXT / EXT2 / NTFS, i suggest you to make a backup of your stuff real quick before one of both platforms won’t boot anylonger. It’s based on my horrible experience with even an external drive where i booted Linux from.
Fortunately, my Linux partition was pure for the test, but it got defected by the Windows operating system.

Oh yeah, I know what you are saying. In OSX I believe is the extended journaling file system, HFS+ I think, whatever the good one for OSX is, that’s what I’m using. :D
I never enabled the NTFS hack in OSX so I just ‘read only’ from the NTFS partitions, so no table destruction, at least from what I’m doing.
I also do this for OSX as it’s ‘read only’ in win7. So each of the operating systems only see ‘read only’ file systems.
The issue I was having was win7 locking the user/appdata/roaming (something or other directory).
I think this must be newer since the xp to vista security overhaul.

Don’t think that has been true for a good few years has it?

Shame Windows can’t read or write Ext3/4 drives though. (The fact you are talking about EXT1/2 is further evidence you’re very out of date.)

It’s why I had FAT32 shares on my desktop when I set it up about 7 years ago but have my Data drive as NTFS on my newish laptop and have been sharing with a Linux partition no problems whatsoever.

You can tell me better than me…: Ubuntu 7.04 :) I can’t speak for Windows 7 or Windows Vista… But Windows XP still does not cope properly with EXT filesysystems anyway :P