Using 06xx And 07xx Instead Of Volume Automation


Just wondering what number I would need to use for 06xx command to fade in a note from volume 00 to full volume so that the note reaches full volume at exactly the beginning of line 32 (in a 64 line pattern).

any help much appreciated.

each unit of value in xx lowers/raises volume of 1/256th of the full volume per tick

Divide 256 by the amount of rows you want it to slide to and put a 06[xx] value on each row…
As example 256/32 is 8 so you would need to put 0608 on rows 00 to 31
This is just a quick answer (did not do a real test here to be sure), ticks are usually involved here so the above story probably counts if you set the amount of ticks per line to 1.


Just to confirm: this effect is applied per tick not per line?
so if song speed = 12, then 0601 would slide the volume up 12/256ths of vol-127 per line?

also (sorry), does $FF = 256 or 255 in this command?

Another alternative way of doing this which i use is to put the initial volume say 0C00 at the beginning and 0CF0 at the end… select the space in between, and press APPLE(CTRL) I (interpolate)…this fills in all the gaps all the way up to the end value.
This is also really fun on 09XX effect it creates a time stretching sound.