Using A Graphing Calculator With Renoise

The topic of buying my co-workers graphing calc came up today. My initial thought (as with most electronics) was “Oooh I could use that for music!” Anybody see practical use for one in Renoise? Or any other music for that matter.

Someone wrote an app called RePlot a while back:

Maybe this can inspire you?

I once wrote an arpeggiator in keykit by quantizing mathematical functions to scales. It was pretty cool because you’d control the arpeggiator using the function parameters instead of fiddling with notes directly and you end up with some pretty interesting melodic contours that you probably otherwise wouldn’t compose.

If you’re going to do this kind of thing might as well use lua scripting instead of manually transcribing off a graphing calculator though. Or just use one of the 99999999 HP48 emulators that are out there if you really like the idea of a graphing calculator (I have one on my android phone)